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Ways to Attract Members

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1. Review existing groups.  See the following: http://apln.org/localchapters.html 





2. Contact APLN for a list of existing members in the area the chapter will be located. (Geographically, zip code, etc.) Contact Barbara Wilders at baw1310@hotmail.com or Kent Mc Donald at  kent@kentmcdonald.com


3. Contact Agile Alliance to send an email to its members in your area, announcing the group.  Its members include all attendees at the last Agile200x conference.


4. Invite the existing local members of APLN & Agile Alliance and your own Agile friends to attend a planning session to start up a local APLN chapter.


5. Make a post to the Agile-ANN Yahoo group, announcing your group.  And of each of your meetings.  http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/Agile-ANN/ To post, use: Agile-ANN@yahoogroups.com


6. Post an announcement on the Agile Project Management group (this is run by Sanjiv Augustine, and is the Yahoo home for APLN).  See http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/agileprojectmanagement/  To post: agileprojectmanagement@yahoogroups.com


7. Check Yahoo and Google groups for Agile groups in your area.  Go to: http://groups.yahoo.com/   And to: http://groups.google.com/     Make postings to their sites, announcing your group and of each new meeting.


8. Contact professional colleagues and personal friends (that would benefit and be interested) and invite them to attend the planning session to start up a local APLN chapter.


9. Contact the local Chamber of Commerce for a list of non-profit and professional organizations in your area. Review the list of the organizations - some of their membership may be interested in learning and joining ALPN. ( Offer a guest speaker to these organizations)


10. Ask the local Chamber of Commerce if they have an announcement section on their Web Site, Newspaper etc that they can inform members of the new local chapter of APLN.  Or try similar networking organizations.


11. Send out a news release to local and trade newspapers with the date, time and place of the meeting.  


12. Contact the business section editor of your local newspaper or weekly business magazine insert informing them of the new developing local chapter.


13. Research contacts at the local, state and federal agencies in the area; send a letter or news release to them about the new local chapter. Examples: Department of Labor, Economic Development, etc.


14. Invite clients and potential clients.


15. Contact the local PMI Chapters to discuss a relationship of sharing information between the organizations.  See http://www.pmi.org/GetInvolved/Pages/PMI-Chapters.aspx


16. If allowable post a meeting notice in a common area at local work sites/offices for a chapter meeting.  This should be easy if the APLN is viewed as a professional organization to encourage and enhance learning and building leaders (as it should be).


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