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Infrastructure for your Group

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 Infrastructure for your Group


Existing groups have used the following infrastructure:


* Yahoo or Google group.  See: http://groups.google.com/ or http://groups.yahoo.com/


* Meetup Group: http://www.meetup.com/

Meetup is recommended because some people will find your group via Meetup.


* Web site.  Many ways to build this.


* Wiki site. 

Many ways to have one of these.

The wiki way is consistent with Agile values, and in fact was invented by Warde Cunningham, a leader of XP.

Alternative to web site

One vendor: http://pbwiki.com/  who will give your group a free wiki.


* Evite (http://www.evite.com/)

Good for sending invites to group meetings.  And tracking how many will attend.


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