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Future Meetings

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 Future Meetings


  • Send out announcements about future meetings a minimum of two weeks prior to the meeting. Then follow-up with another reminder a day or two before the meeting.
    • Agile-Carolinas uses Evite
    • APLN Richmond uses Vertical Response
    • What do other chapters use?
  • If sending out announcements out via e-mail, be cautious about others' e-mail addresses being seen by many others.
    • Many services enable you to send out an email per person
  • Supplies to consider for meetings:  Easel, Easel Pad, Markers, Tape, Pens, Pads, Receipts for members that are paying for food, room, etc. Name Tags
  • Locations for meetings:
    • Basically three types: free locations, sponsor's location or "paid" locations
    • Free: Local community colleges, churches & similar,
    • A sponsor's conference room: Some have problems with security (can be a minor trade-off but often worth it)
    • "Paid": A restaurant or similar.  Some get paid via the food/bev that you pay for
  • Obtain Corporate Sponsors for future meetings: Many corporations are willing to cover costs of room, speakers,  etc. in exchange for some time to hand out literature, a short advertisement at the meeting or for the recognition that they sponsored the monthly meeting.  Some will provide meeting space.  Some will provide or pay for food/bev.  Getting them engaged will often enable employees to attend.  Some sponsors can help invite additional people.
  • Suggestions for meetings:
    • Some recommend getting big name speakers or out-of-town speakers
    • Some recommend certain topics
    • Some recommend interaction amongst your members
  • Speakers: See "Potential Speakers" page.  Your members also want to hear local people speak. Most groups like panel discussions also.
  • Topics:
    • exchange of success and non-success stories
    • discuss and review book (leadership, agile) or white paper
    • ask chapter members who could speak
    • have a panel discussion
    • In general, "war stories" we find are well-received.
    • Review and discuss the Manifesto for Agile Software Development
    • Review of Declaration of Interdependence
    • Extended discussions of theory (without any practice) are not as well received
  • Suggestions for Speakers:  Mike Cohn, Mary Poppendieck, Sanjiv Augustine, Kent McDonald, Pollyanna Pixton:

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